Yzak JuleEdit

「伊薩克·焦耳 Isatsukatsu Shōji. イザーク・ジュール Izāku Jūru.」 Yzak Jule
Series Gundam Seed & Gundam SEED DESTINY
Age 17 (Gundam SEED)

19 (Gundam SEED DESTINY)

Birthday August 8,1985
Relations Ezalia Jule (Mother)

Shiho Hahnenfuss (Lieutenant) Japanese German National and Saga Bergman Daughter Escort

Residence PLANT,Rotenberg Ob der Tauber Bavaria Germany & Salamanca Province Castilla y León Spain
Gender Male
Height 175 (Gundam SEED)

177 (Gundam SEED DESTINY)

Weight 66 kilogram (Gundam SEED)

56 Kilogram (Gundam SEED)

Hair Silver
Eyes Blue
First Appearance
Episode 23 (ミューレンブルクの小さな奇跡 Myūrenburuku no Chiisana Kiseki.) Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg.
Last Appearance
Episode 26 (その胸にあるもの 後編 最後の挿話。 Sono Mune ni Aru Mono Kōhen. Saigo no sōwa.) What's in Your Heart. After. The Last Episode.
English Michael Adamthwaite
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*
(伊薩克·焦耳 Isatsukatsu Shōji. イザーク・ジュール Izāku Jūru.)

He a Lieutenant of Gundam SEED & First Class Commander of Gundam SEED DESTINY Zodiac Alliance Freedom Treaty. He has love Interest on Shiho Hahnenfuss & Saga Bergman Daughter Escort.

Yzak Jule's Past.

One Year Ago My Mother was charge of Chairman Patrick Zala radical rebellion on Second Battle of Jachin Due, she is arrested in a coup d'état led by Eileen Canaver PLANT Supreme Council Board Member & Chair of the Diplomatic Committee.

She give a Paroled live life in her Farm Castle in Salamanca Provice Castilla y León Spain.

Second Alliance-PLANT War.

Yzak, Dearka, and other ZAFT "war criminals" from the First Alliance-PLANT War were put on trial. Yzak should have been executed for his actions during the Battle of Orbit (he himself says so later on when Athrun Zala returns to the PLANTs); however, thanks to PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Gilbert Durandal's defending speech, he continued to serve as a commander. He also had command over two Nazca-class destroyers Voltaire and Rousseau. With the Junius Seven colony drop, the Jule Team is assigned to demolish the falling colony to prevent it from crashing into earth. Not long after they reach the colony, the demolition teams led by Dearka are attacked by the terrorists that caused the drop as well as the stolen Gundam-type mobile suits developed by ZAFT. Yzak quickly launched in his blue colored ZGMF-1001/K Slash ZAKU Phantom and is joined by the mobile suits of the Minerva, among them his old rival Athrun Zala, much to his anger. During this battle, however, Yzak shows he is still an effective soldier, albeit more level-headed. Rather than kill Auel Neider and Sting Oakley as he surely would have done during the first war, Yzak simply holds them off by damaging their mobile suits just as Kira Yamato did to him during Operation Spitbreak.

When the Earth Alliance declares war on the PLANTs and attacks Aprilus One, Yzak leads the Jule Team in the defense of their homeland. However, they soon encounter an EA ambush team of nuclear missile-armed GAT-04 Windams and Yzak and Dearka rush to intercept them. Luckily, the PLANTs are saved when a Nazca class destroyer armed with a Neutron Stampeder destroys the missiles and the EA forces. Later when Athrun pays a visit to the PLANTs shortly after the Second Alliance-PLANT War began, Yzak and Dearka are called from the frontlines to provide escort service. The three of them pay tribute to their fallen comrades from the first war - Nicol Amalfi, Rusty Mackenzie, and Miguel Aiman. Then Yzak asks Athrun to return to ZAFT and promises to help arrange things, showing that although Yzak is somewhat hostile towards Athrun, he still cares for him and considers him a friend.

From then on, Yzak, Dearka and the Jule Team are seldom seen. After Durandal's speech about LOGOS, Yzak is visibly distraught by the revalation and snaps at two soldiers that are taking the situation lightly, with Dearka trying to calm him down. The Jule Team is later seen watching Cagalli Yula Athha's broadcast and its interruption by Meer Campbell and later by the real Lacus Clyne. Later during the Second Alliance-PLANT War, he switches out his ZAKU Phantom in favor of the new ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited and uses it when he leads ZAFT forces against the EA forces guarding the Daedalus base. They spot one of Requiem relay stations and attempt to destroy it, unknown to them that it is a weapon of mass destruction. The Requiem fires and hits several PLANTS, although the Jule Team's intervention caused it to miss its intended target: Aprilus One. Horrified by the catastrophe, Yzak and the ZAFT forces launch a furious counterattack on the Requiem, succeeding in destroying the relay station they caused damage to. Eventually, the ZAFT forces triumph and the Requiem weapon is captured.

Bilateral Meeting Agreement.

The Sign is 「プラント、オーブ首長国連合は停戦。終の戦為の協議人った。両国の関係を仲介したラクス・クライン。プラント評議会の要請を受け。プラント本国へ戻った。 Puranto, Ōbu shuchō-koku rengō wa teisen. Tsui no sen tame no kyōgi hito tta. Ryōkoku no kankei o chūkai shita Rakusu Kurain. Puranto hyōgi-kai no yōsei o uke. Puranto hongoku e modotta.」Plant, Orb Emirates ceasefire. I was the counselor for the final battle. Lacus Clyne was mediate the relations between the two countries. At the request of the Plant Council.

a Plant Council Board Member Shake hands with United Emirates of Orb Union Chief Representative Cagalli Yula Athha.

Escort of Vessel Flag Carrier are Nazca-Destroyer class 1 front & 4 at back along side with 1 Archangel Assault Battleship-class & 1 Eternal Support Space Ship.

Mobile Suite are 1 Akatsuki Gundam Gold Mobile Class. Piloted by: Neo Roanoke.

6 MBF-M1 M1 Astray Mobile Suite.

1 ZGMF-X19A∞ Infinity Justice Gundam. Piloted by: Athurn Zala.

1 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam. Piloted by: Kira Yamato.

1 ZGMF-1000/M Blaze ZAKU Warrior . (Zaku class Mobile Suite)

1 ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper. Piloted by: Hilda Harken.

On Board Nazca Destroyer class Dearka Elsman.

On Board Eternal Support Space Ship on the lower Bridge Captain Andrew Awaltfeld on the upper Bridge Co- Leader & now Chairwoman Lacus Clyne. Plant Supreme Council (following the footstep her late father Siegel Clyne.) along side Lieutenant Shiho Hahnenfuss & First Class Commander Yzak Jule.

Afterwards, at the ravished Orb memorial previously visited by Shinn and Kira, Athrun introduces Kira to Shinn as the pilot of Freedom. Shinn is stunned by the identity of the pilot whom he tried to defeat numerous times, and previously met before without that knowledge. Kira asks Shinn to make peace with him and asks Shinn to join him and Athrun in the fight for humanity's peace, a crying Shinn agrees. Long after the war, Kira wore white ZAFT uniform reserved for important military officials. When Kira and Lacus saw each other in the PLANTs they immediately rushed towards one another and embraced each other, surprising most of the people present.

Dearka, Shiho Hahnenfuss, Athrun and Meyrin as Kira and Lacus hugged each other while the rest of the audience was surprised. He was last seen escorting Lacus Clyne into the PLANT Supreme Council chamber in Gundam SEED Destiny "Final Plus".

Life at Rothenberg Ob der Tauber. In 2006

He Debut in Episode 23 (ミューレンブルクの小さな奇跡 Myūrenburuku no Chiisana Kiseki.) Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg.

I was going to Finish Routine Patrol I saw Run away Piano.

First Class Yzak Jule saying: Saga Bergman!

「Yzak Jule get's In the FW 28 Fasten Seat belt,Engine Starts Beacon Light & Siren are on.」

at the Regina Home Regina carrying Water Gardener she looking on the left that my Grand Daughter Saga Bergman.

with no Breaks as the Door Bridge start to Close. In less than 800 meters away.

First Class Commander Yzak Jule saying: 「Achtung außer Kontrolle geratenes Klavier Öffne die Türbrücke! Öffne die Türbrücke! Öffne die Türbrücke! ¡Atención fugitivo Piano ¡Abre el puente de la puerta! ¡Abre el puente de la puerta! ¡Abre el puente de la puerta!」Attention a run away Piano Open the Door Bridge Bridge! Open the Door Bridge! Open the Door Bridge!

as the runaway Piano reaching to 100 meter true & out bridge tunnel climbing 14 feet.

mean while WILLIAMS FW 28 stop at 100 Meter First Class Commander Yzak Jule Emergency Hand Breaks unbuckled Seat Belt Climb Out..

First Class Commander Yzak Jule saying: SAGA BERGMAN!

Salt saying: Sugar! Pepper!

Bough Sagar & Pepper saying: Yes!

In the Original Version Anime 25  (その胸にあるもの 前編。 Sono Mune ni Aru Mono Zenpen.) What's Your Heart Before.

Yzak Jule saying: 「Mutter Ezalia Jule Ich habe fünf Tage Aufenthalt in Rothenberg ob der Tauber Bavaria Deutschland. Heute wollte Saga Bergman von der Mühlenberg-Grundschule eine Bühnenshow mit dem Titel

Prinzessin und Fee machen, als ich nach meinem Aufenthalt in Rothenberg Der Tauber Bavaria in die westeuropäische Stadt Salamanca Castilla y León Spanien zurückkehre. an den geliebten Yzak Jule Zuerst Klasse Kommandant der Zodiac Allianz Freiheit Vertrag Überwachung Begleiten.

Madre Ezalia Jule Tengo cinco días de estancia en Rothenberg ob der Tauber Baviera Alemania. Hoy, Saga Bergman, de la Escuela Primaria Muhlenberg, iba a hacer un Escenario titulado Princesa y Hada cuando, después de terminar, me quedo en Rothenberg Der Tauber Baviera Alemania. Regresaré a Europa Occidental, ciudad de Salamanca, Castilla y León, España. al querido Yzak Jule, Comandante de Primera Clase Zodiac Alianza Libertad Tratado de Vigilancia del Escolta de vigilancia. お母さん 愛沙莉亜·焦耳私は 羅滕堡 上游羅滕堡 巴伐利亜 德国 に五日間滞在しています。

Okāsan Aisaria Shōji Watashi wa Ratōtoride Shōryū Amiwakutoride Habatsuria Oshigoku ni go-kakan taizai shite imasu

今日、 羅滕堡 上游羅滕堡 巴伐利亜 德国 に滞在した後、差拉曼卡 卡斯蒂利亜 莱昂 西班牙 の西  

欧羅巴 の町に戻ったときに、ミューレンベルク小学校の佐賀褒曼 が 王女 そして 妖精 の題名 で 舞台公演 を行う予定でした。

Kyō, Ratōtoride Shōryū Amiwakutoride Habatsuria Oshigoku ni taizai shita nochi, Saramanka Kashiria Rikō Suihanga no nishi Kyūjitai no machi ni modotta toki ni, myūrenberuku shōgakkō no Saga Hōman ga Ōjo soshite yōsei no Daimei de Butai Kōen o okonau yoteideshita

最愛の 伊薩克·焦耳 第一 階級 司令官 干支同盟自由条約。

Saiai no Isatsukatsu Shōji  Ase mimi dai ichi kaikyū shirei-kan eto dōmei jiyū jōyaku.」 Mother Ezalia Jule I have Five day stay in Rothenberg ob der Tauber Bavaria Germany. Today Saga Bergman of Muhlenberg Elementary School was going to make a Stage Show in title Princess & Fairy when after finish stay in Rothenberg Der Tauber Bavaria Germany I'm going back to Western Europe Town of Salamanca Castilla y León Spain. to beloved Yzak Jule First Class Commander Zodiac Alliance Freedom Treaty Surveillance Escort.

Yzak Joule start in surveillance.

Ezalia Jule saying:「Gracias por enviar este correo. Yzak hace todo lo posible para ver el espectáculo de todos modos. Está bienMerci d’avoir envoyé ce Mail Yzak faites de votre mieux pour regarder le spectacle sur scèneQuoi qu’il en soit. この郵便を送ってくれてありがとう 伊薩克 とにかく舞台公演を見るために頑張ってください。 Kono yūbin o okutte kurete arigatō Isatsukatsu Tonikaku butai kōen o miru tame ni ganbatte kudasai. 」 Thank you for sending this Mail Yzak do your best to watch the stage show Anyways It ’s okay.

In the Original Version Anime 26 (その胸にあるもの 後編 最後の挿話 Sono Mune ni Aru Mono KōhenSaigo no Sōwa.) What's Your Heart AfterThe Final Episode.

Were already in final homestretch My Wiliiams FW28 Formula 1 long adjusting suspensions ,no road test,adding Fuel Lubricant & Gear Oil.

In the Original Version Anime 26 (その胸にあるもの 後編 最後の挿話 Sono Mune ni Aru Mono Kōhen. Saigo no Sōwa.) What's Your Heart After. The Final Episode.

Were already in final homestretch My Wiliiams FW28 Formula 1 long adjusting suspensions ,no road test,adding Fuel Lubricant & Gear Oil.

As First Class Commander Yzak Jule reseive a Paella & Caldo galego or Galician Broth.

Yzak Jule saying: 「Paella und Caldo Galego mein letztes Abendessen. Paella y caldo gallego mi última cena. Paella et Caldo galego mon dernier dîner. パエリアとカルドガレゴ最後の定食屋。Paeria to karudogarego saigo no Teishoku-ya.」Paella & Caldo galego my last diner.

Bed time at around 9:15 PM Germany Union Time Commission & Kingdom of Spain Western European Time. under by the European Standard Time.

The Next Morning all Parent Children are prepare.

Norma watching all Parents of Audience are hare.

Saga Bergman Prepare with no Mistake during training rehearsal.

Buzzer sound for the show start.

Saga Bergman Narrated Ended saying: 「Ja wirklich. Ich werde das Kind schlafenOder könnte lebender Regen in Saisonversammlungen wegwerfen, es hat Wind verursachtIch bin bitter Es ist die gleiche Interessensaison. Es ist das Wissendas dem Statusbeauftragten vermittelt wirdDe VerdadMe voy a dormir ese niñoO podría vivir la lluvia tirar en las reuniones de temporadaha causado vientoEstoy amargado Es la misma temporada de interesesEs el conocimiento que se coloca en el oficial de estado. そうか。 あの子に寝るだね。季節会で捨てる雨くらせたり、風 起こしてる。苦もうくたり。そうれ 同利 季節おう風いいでる。地位佐にのせだ知のこと。Sō kaAno ko ni neruda ne. Kisetsu-kai de suteru ame kurase tari,kaze okoshi teru. Ku mo uku tari. Sōre dō ri kisetsu ō kaze ī deruChii sa ni noseda chi no koto.」

Really. I'm going to sleep that childOr could live rain throw away in season meetingsit has caused windI'm bitterIt's the same interest seasonIt is the knowledge that is placed on the status officer.

Yzak Jule leaves Rothenberg ob der Tauber went back home to Salamanca Castilla y León Spain.

Estimate Kilometer 1,876 Kilometer From Autobahn 89 Federal Republic of Germany,Autoroutes 4,Autoroutes 10,Autoroutes 63 Republic of France,Autopista 8,Autopista 1,Autopista 62 Europeo Ruta 80 Exit at Autovía de Castilla.

Estimate Road Journey Hours 19 Hours & 15 Minutes.

Decoration Medal of Honour From Federal Republic of Germany,Kingdom of Spain,Republic of France,Japan,Philippines,Russia Federation,United States of America,United Kingdom,Commonwealth of Australia,Brunei Darussalam,Canada & Malaysia.

・1.「Bayerischer Verdienstorden.Orden al Mérito de Baviera.」Bavarian Order of MeritFederal Republic of Germany.

・2. 「Verdienstorden des Landes BerlinOrden al Mérito del Berlín.」Order of Merit of BerlinFederal Republic of Germany.

・3. 「Sächsischer Verdienstorden.Orden de Mérito del Estado Libre de Sajonia.」Order of Merit of the Free State of SaxonyFederal Republic of Germany.

・4.「VerdienstkreuzVerdienstorden der Bundesrepublik DeutschlandCruz del MéritoOrden del Mérito de la República Federal de Alemania.」Cross of MeritOrder of Merit of the Federal Republic of GermanyFederal Republic of Germany.

・5.「Orden de Isabel la CatólicaUtos ng Isabella na Katoliko.」Order of Isabella the CatholicKingdom of Spain.

・6.「Cruces del Mérito MilitarMga Krus ng Merito Militar.」Crosses of Military MeritKingdom of Spain.

・7.「Medalla MilitarMedalya Militar.」Military MedalKingdom of Spain.

・8.「Cruces del Mérito AeronáuticoMga Krus ng Merito Eronautika.」Crosses of Air Force MeritKingdom of Spain.

・9.「Medalla AéreaMedalya Himpapawid.」Medal Air ForceKingdom of Spain.

・10.「 Cruces del Mérito NavalMga Krus ng Merito Hukbong Dagat.」 Crosses of Naval MeritKingdom of Spain.

・11.「Medalla NavalMedalya Hukbong Dagat.」Medal NavyKingdom of Spain.

・12.「Croix de la Valeur MilitaireCross for Military ValourRepublic of France.

・13.「Médaille des blessés de guerre.」Medal of for the War WoundedRepublic of France.

・14.「Ordre du Mérite Maritime.」Order of Merit MaritimeRepublic of France.

・15.「Officier et CommandeurLégion d'honneur.Officer & CommanderLeigion of HonourRepublic of France.

・16「第二 号防衛記念章。Dai ni-gō bōei kinenshō.」2nd Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・17.「第三号防衛記念章。Dai san-gō bōei kinenshō.」3nd Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・18.「第五号防衛記念章。Dai go-gō bōei kinenshō.」5th Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・19.「第九 号防衛記念章。Dai kyū-gō bōei kinenshō.」9th Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・20.「第十三 号防衛記念章。Dai jūsan-gō bōei kinenshō.」 13th Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・21.「第二十二号防衛記念章。 Dai ni jū ni-gō bōei kinenshō.」22nd Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・22.「第二十六号防衛記念章。 Dai ni jū roku -gō bōei kinenshō.」26th Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・23.「第三十四号防衛記念章。Dai san jū yon-gō bōei kinenshō.」34th Defensive Memorial CordonJapan.

・24.「三個の場合は金色の櫻花を一個。San-ko no baai wa kin'iro no sakura hana o ikko.」1 gold cherry blossom for 3 cordonsJapan.

・25.「五個の場合は金色の櫻花を二個。Go-ko no baai wa kin'iro no sakura hana o ni-ko.」2 gold cherry blossoms for more than 5 cordonJapan.

・26.「四個の場合は銀色の櫻花を二個。Shi-ko no baai wa gin'iro no sakura hana o ni-ko.」2 silver cherry blossoms for 4 cordonsJapan.

・27.「武装部隊勲章。共和国非律濱。Busō Butai Kunshō Kunshō. Kyōwakoku HiritsuhinMedalya Sandatahang Lakas ng PagpupuriRepuplika ng Pilipinas.」Armed Forces Commendation MedalRepublic of Philippines.

・28.「区別航空交差。 勲章共和国非律濱。 Kubetsu Kōkū KōsaKunshō Kyōwakoku HiritsuhinDakila Abyasyon KrusRepublika ng Pilipinas. 」Distinguished Aviation CrossRepublic of Philippines.

・29.「軍事表彰 勲章。共和国非律濱。Gunji Hyōshō KunshōKyōwakoku HiritsuhinMilitar Pagpupuri Medalya.」Military Commendation MedalRepublic of Philippines.

・30.「軍事 特長勲章。共和国非律濱。 Gunji Tokuchō KunshōKyōwakoku HiritsuhinMilitar Merito Medalya Republika ng Pilipinas.」 Military Merit MedalRepublic of Philippines.

・31.「金交差 勲章。共和国非律濱。Kin kōsa kunshōKyōwakoku HiritsuhinMedalya ng Ginto KrusRepublika ng PilipinasGold Cross MedalRepublic of Philippines.

・32.「銀交差 勲章。共和国非律濱。Kin kōsa kunshōKyōwakoku HiritsuhinMedalya ng Pilak KrusRepublika ng Pilipinas.」Silver Cross MedalRepublic of Philippines.

・33.「区別 勤務 星。共和国非律濱。 Kubetsu kinmu-hoshiKyōwakoku HiritsuhinKilala Serbisyo BituwinRepublika ng Pilipinas.」Distinguished Service StarRepublic of Philippines.

・34.「負傷者勲章。共和国非律濱。 Fushō-sha KunshōKyōwakoku HiritsuhinMedalya ng Nasugatan TauhanRepublika ng Pilipinas.」Wounded Personnel MedalRepublic of Philippines.

・35.「司令そして壮大司令 。非律濱軍團の名誉。共和国非律濱。Shirei soshite Sōdai shirei. Hiritsuhin Gudan no MeiyoKyōwakoku Hiritsuhin ,Kumandante at Punong Kumandante .Lehiyong Pandangal ng PilipinasRepublika ng Pilipinas.」Comander & Grand CommanderPhilippine Legion of HonorRepublic of Philippines.

・36.「Орден Дружбы. Orden Druzhby.」Order of Friendship. Russia Federation.

・37.「Медаль "За Воинскую Доблесть" Первый класс Степени. "Za Voinskuyu Doblest" Pervyy klass Stepeni. 」Medal "For Military Valour 1st Class".

・38.「Медаль "За Воинскую Доблесть" Второй класс Степени. Medal' "Za Voinskuyu Doblest" Vtoroy klass Stepeni.」Medal "For Military Valour" 2nd ClassRussia Federation.

・39.「Медаль "За Отличие В Военной Службе". Первый класс Степени.」Medal "For Distinguished Military Service" 1st ClassRussia Federation.

・40.「Медаль "За Отличие В Военной Службе" Второй класс Степени. Medal' "Za Otlichiye V Voyennoy Sluzhbe" Pervyy klass Stepeni.」Medal "For Distinguished Military Service" 2nd ClassRussia Federation.

・41.「Медаль "За Службу В Военно-Воздушных Силах". Medal' "Za Sluzhbu V Voyenno-Vozdushnykh Silakh" .」Medal "For Service in the Air Force"Russia Federation.

・42.「Медаль "За службу в морской авиации". Medal' "Za sluzhbu v morskoy aviatsii".Medal "For Service in Naval Aviation"Russia Federation.

・43.「Медаль "Генерал-Майор Александр Александров". Medal' "General Mayor Aleksandr Aleksandrov".Medal "Major General Aleksandr Aleksandrov"Russia Federation.

・44.「Медаль Нестерова. Medal Nesterova.」Medal of NesterovRussia Federation.

・45.「Mедаль Ушаковa. Medal Ushakova.」 Medal of UshakovRussia Federation.

・46.「Орден "За военные заслуги". Orden "Za voyennyye zaslugi".」 Order "For Military Merit"Russia Federation.

・47.「Орден "За морские заслуги". Orden "Za morskiye zaslugi".」Order "For Naval Merit"Russia Federation.

・48.「Медаль "За Службу В Космических Войсках" . Medal' "Za Sluzhbu V Kosmicheskikh Voyskakh".」Medal "For Service in Space Forces"Russia Federation.

・49.「Орден Нахимовa. Orden Nakhimova.」 Order of NakhimovRussia Federation.

・50.「Орден Суворова. Orden Suvorova.」Order of SuvorovRussia Federation.

・51.「Орден Ушакова. Orden Ushakova.」Order of UshakovRussia Federation.

・52.「Медаль Жукова. Medal Zhukova.」Medal of Zhukov.

・53.「Орден Жукова.Orden Zhukova.」Order of ZhukovRussia Federation.

・54. Armed Forces Service MedalUnited State of America.

・55. Air Force CrossUnited State of America.

・56. Airman's MedalUnited States of America.

・57. Air Force Commendation MedalUnited States of America.

・58. Air Force Achievement MedalUnited States of America.

・59. Air Force Meritorious Unit AwardUnited States of America.

・60. Airforce Orverseas Long Tour SericeUnited States of America.

・61. Outstanding Unit AwardUnited States of America.

・62. Organizational Excellence AwardUnited States of America.

・63. Distinguished Flying CrossUnited States of America.

・64. Distinguished Service MedalUnited States of America.

・65. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Distinguished Service MedalUnited States of America.

・66. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Silver Achievement MedalUnited States of America.

・67. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Outstanding Service MedalUnited States of America.

・68. Navy Distinguished Service MedalUnited States of America

・69. Navy and Marine Corps Commendation MedalUnited States of America.

・70. Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service RibbonUnited States of America.

・71. Silver StarUnited States of America.

・72. Purple HeartUnited Stats of America.

・73. Commander and Chief CommanderLegion of MeritUnited States of America.

・74. CommanderRoyal Victorian OrderUnited Kingdom.

・75. Military CrossUnited Kingdom.

・76. Air Force CrossUnited Kingdom.

・77. Sea Gallantry MedalUnited Kingdom.

・78. Cross of ValourCommonwealth of Australia.

・79. Star of CourageCommonwealth of Australia.

・80. Bravery MedalCommonwealth of Australia.

・81. Distinguished Service CrossCommonwealth of Australia.

・82. Distinguished Service MedalCommonwealth of Australia.

・83. Defence Force Service MedalCommonwealth of Australia.

・84. Australian Defence MedalCommonwealth of Australia.

・85.「Darjah Kerabat Mahkota Brunei.」The Royal Family Order of the Crown of BruneiBrunei Darussalam.

・89.「Derjah Kepertama Dato Paduka Seri. Darjah Paduka Laila Jasa Keberanian Gemilang Yang Amat Cemerlang. 」 First Class Dato Paduka Seri dan.  Order of Paduka Laila Jasa GemilangBrunei Darussalam.

・90.「Derjah Kepertama Dato Paduka Seri Laila JasaDarjah Paduka Seri Laila Jasa Yang Amat Berjasa.First Class Dato Paduka Seri Laila JasaThe Most Distinguished Order of Paduka Seri Laila JasaBrunei Darussalam.

・91. 「Derjah Pertama Dato Seri SetiaDerjah Setia Negara Brunei Yang Amat Bahagia.」First Class Dato Seri SetiaThe Most Bless Order of Setia Negara BruneiBrunei Darussalam.

・92.「Derjah PertamaDerjah Periwang Agon Negara BruneiPerwira Agong Negara Brunei Yang Amat Setia.」First Class Derjah Periwang Agon Negara BruneiThe Most Faitful Order of Periwang Agon Negara BruneiBrunei Darussalam.

・93.「Commandeur et Chevalier CommandeurOrdre royal de Victoria.Commander & Knight CommanderRoyal Victorian OrderCanada.

・94.「Médaille de la Bravoure.」Medal of BraveryCanada.

・95.「Étoile du Courage.Star of CourageCanada.

・96.「Croix de la vaillance.」Cross of ValourCanada.

・97.「Étoile de la vaillance militaire.Star of Military ValourCanada.

・98. 「Panglima Setia Bintang Sarawak kategori DatoDarjah Utama Yang Amat Mulia Bintang Sarawak.」Officer & Commander Category DatoMost Exalted Order of Star of SarawakMalaysia.

・99.「Satria Bintang Sarawak Penhin Sri. Darjah Utama Yang Amat Mulia Bintang Sarawak.」 Grand Commander Penhin SriMost Exalted Order of the Star of SarawakMalaysia.

・100.「Kelas Pertama Darjah Kerabat Pertama dan Kelas Kedua Darjah Kerebat KeduaDarjah Kerabat Selangor Yang Amat Dihormati. 」First Class Darjah Kerbat First & Second Class Derjah Kerbat SecondRoyal Family Order of Selangor.

・101.「Darjah Kerabat Pangkat Yang PertamaDarjah Kerabat Johor Yang Amat Dihormati.」Royal Family FirstThe Most Esteemed Royal Family Order of JohorMalaysia.

・102.「Pangkat Yang PertamaKerabat Johor Yang Amat Dihormati.」First ClassRoyal Family Order of Johor.

・103.「Darjah Kerabat Pertama Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat Mulia Kedah.」Royal Family FirstRoyal Family Order of KedahMalaysia.

・104.「Derjah Gemilang Mahkota Kedah DatoDarjah Kebesaran Gemilang Sri Mahkota Kedah.」Glorious Order Crown Knight CommanderThe Glorious Order the Crown of KedahMalaysia.

・105.「Bintang Perkasa Negeri Kedah.」State of Kedah Star GallantryMalaysia.

・106.「Pingat Perkasa KedahPingkat Untuk Perkasa Negeri Kedah.」Silver Medal Gallantry KedahState of Kedah GallantryMalaysia.

・107.「Derjah Kerabat PertamaDarjah Kerabat Sri Indra Mahkota Pahang Yang Amat Dihormati.」Member First ClassThe Most Esteemed Family Order of the Crown Indra of Pahang.Malaysia.

・108. 「Dato Paduka Mahkota SelangorDarjah Kebesaran Mahkota Selangor Yang Amat Mulia.」Knight CommanderThe Most Illustrious Order of the Crown of SelangorMalaysia.

・109.「Bintang PerakPingat Perkhidmatan Selangor.」Silver MedalSelangor Service MedalMalaysia.

・110.「Pingat Perak Peringatan Malaysia. Pingat Peringatan Malaysia.Silver Commemorative MedalMalaysian Commemorative MedalMalaysia.

・111.「Panglima Setia Angkatan TenteraDarjah Kepahlawanan Angkatan Tentera.」Loyal CommanderThe Most Gallant Order of Military ServiceMalaysia.

・112.「Panglima Gagah Berani.」Star of the Commander of ValourMalaysia.

・113.「Panglima Gagah Berani.」Star of the CommanderMalaysia.

・114.「Pingat Tentera Udara.」Air Force MedalMalaysia.

Yzak Jule Purchase Formula 1 From United Kingdom.

・1. 2006 Williams FW28.「Engine Power Unit Supply COSWORTH CA2006 2.4 V8 & TOYOTA RVX 07 2.4 V8 ("Temporary Test Only").」

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