Sugar's Mother
Age 25 (When Saga was younger)
Birthday January 20
Gender Female ♀
Hair Pink/Blond
Eyes Brown
First Appearance
Episode 1
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*

Little is known about Sugar's mother and her name. She saved Saga Bergman's life. She was the best Snow Fairy in the fairy world. Sugar wants to be just like her mother when she grows up. Sugar's mother creates the best snow. Her snow is worm and soft.

Appearance Edit

Sugar's mother haves pink hair that really is blond in real life with purple eyes that are really brown eyes in real life. She looks like her daughter, Sugar. She wears a white bonnet with accessories on it. Her dress is white with a split that goes up it. She haves two puff out sleeves that are purple.

She looks like the pink headed Kakurine From Evil Zone 2nd costume.

Personalty Edit

Little known about her personalty, but she does help out out others when there in the need of help. She seems sweet, caring, and cheerful.

Gallery Edit

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