Schugar Sucre シュガー

Sugar eat
Series A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Age 9 Years Old
Birthday December 31
Relations Sugar's mother
Gender Female ♀
Height 4 Inches
Weight Weight of a cookie
Hair Pink/Blond
Eyes Purple/Brown
First Appearance
Sugar appears on the first chapter on A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
First Appearance
Sugar appears on the first episode on A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Last Appearance
Sugar appears on the final chapter on A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Last Appearance
Sugar appears on the final episode on A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
English Rebecca Forstadt
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*
Sugar Schugar Sucre (シュガーShugā) is a main character from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and is a season fairy that is training to become a full snow fairy. She's a snow fairy and haves a  piccolo for an interment She moves on in with Saga Bergman later on.

Appearance Edit

Sugar haves short pink hair that is really blond. Her eyes are purple, but brown.

Sugar only wears one outfit trout the anime series. In the manga she wears another outfit that looks like a nigh gown dress when she is hatching from an egg.

She wears a little white dress that is puffy and haves purple lace underneath it. She also haves a purple bow rapped in the back of her and a little rabbit tail it looks like. She haves matching boots that are white and purple with a snowflake on them. Even a choker necklace with a snowflake on it too. Her bonnet is white and puffy, knid of like a snow rabbit. She also haves green grass on the bonnet.  

Personalty Edit

Sugar's personalty is kind of like Saga's when she jump ssto moods from time to time but not all the time. Sugar can be sweet as ice cream, or she can be a brat but doesn't really understand.

She is very playful and have a playful attitude but she is can be serious about people she cares about. Sugar is protective of who is her friends. She makes decisions for people without even giving a second thought to their feelings. Sometimes she tries to help people and gets hurt from doing it.

Sugar's Dream Edit

Sugar haves a dream that she wants to be a full snow fairy like her mother. Her mother is a season fairy too. Sugar wants to make snow so warm, pretty, and soft. to for-fell her dream, she must find the twinkle that The Elder talks about in the manga and the anime.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Edit

Sugar came to the human world with her other friends to look for the search for a twinkle. After funning around the town searching for a place to live and a twinkle at the same time. She takes a rest and starts to feel hungry. She tips over holding her belly and opens her eyes to see a large waffle from a young girl name Saga's hand. Sugar takes a bite and admittedly falls in love with the waffle.

After done eating it, Sugar falls fast asleep in Saga's hands. Saga takes her home to show her grandmother, but Sugar ecapes Saga and was hiding in her bag. In the manga book, Sugar was in Saga's hands still eating the waffle. But Saga's Grandmother couldn't see Sugar.

Later on that night, Sugar shows Saga her magic that she can do, but not very good.

In the 2nd episode of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Sugar decides to fallow Saga and goes to school with her. Making things worst, Sugar makes Saga late for school. In school Sugar was being fun being herself and Saga starts yelling at her at the end of school. Sugar starts to feel bad for what she dhas one to Saga.

In the same episode, Sugar introduce her two best friends from the fairy world. Salt and Pepper. Pepper corrects Sugar that no humans can see fairies into Salt makes a comment to Saga about her face and Saga answers him back. Sugar tells her two closes friends that Saga is special that she can see fairies.

In the manga, Sugar's flower dies and Sugar has to hurry and find a twinkle before she turns into an egg. She doesn't make it in time and Sugar turns into an egg. Saga later gets everyone one that is in her school to help look for twinkles. In the anime, Sugar's flower grows and she doesn't really want to leave Saga. In both Sugar does leave Saga and Saga waits to Sugar is gone to cry and thanks to Sugar for making her be herself not what she thought she was posted to be. In the manga Sugar makes it snow for Saga for the last time.

Saga loses her ability to see Sugar. She does know in town some times, she can feel her there.

Gallery Edit

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