「蕾吉娜, Tsubomiyoshina, レジーナ, Rejīna 」Regina
Series A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Relations Saga Bergman
Residence Germany
Gender Female ♀
First Appearance
サガ、シュガーと出会うSaga, Shugā to Deau.) Saga Meets Sugar
Last Appearance
OVA Special Part 2 Episode 26 (その胸にあるもの 後編 最後の挿話。 Sono Mune ni Aru Mono Kōhen. Saigo no sōwa.) What's in Your Heart. After. The Last Episode.
English Darcy Fritzwater
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*
(蕾吉娜, Tsubomiyoshina. レジーナRejīna.) is the maternal grandmother of Saga. Since Saga's mother died, Regina lives with and takes care of her. She is good at cooking, which Saga and Sugar both love. Unlike Saga, she can't see Season Fairies and worries for her strange mannerism since the fairies showed up.something wrong with her because she sees her talking to apparently thin air.

after the end of Original Version Animation What's your Heart Before & After The Last Episode. when Saga Bergman come home from Mulenberg School

Regina called Saga Bergman recieved a mail from Kingdom of Spain First Class Commander Yzak Jule & Former PLANT National Defence Commete.

they want to visit Kingdom of Spain.

Foreign Costume & Footwear Edit

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