Series A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Age 11 Years old
Birthday May 16
Gender Female ♀
Hair Midden blond
Eyes Blue
First Appearance
She appears on the first chapter in the manga of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
First Appearance
She appears in the very first episode of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Last Appearance
Last chapter of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Last Appearance
She appears in the last episode of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
English Dina Sherman
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*

Norma (ノーマNōma) is a character in the show called A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. She is one of Saga Bergman and Anne's closes friends, and class mate, and is very attracted to new styles.

Appearance Edit

Norma in the manga changes from time to time on her clothes then she does in the anime. Norma haves two pig tails and haves midden blond hair. She also haves ribbons in her hair that are green. her eyes are blue.

In the anime Norma wears a white short sleeve shirt with a red heart in the center and wears a long sleeve red turtle neck under the white one. She wears knee knockers and a jean skirt with a belt. Her shoes are red and she haves white short socks on.

Muhlenberg Festival wears a Dirndl White top with green red stripes with red buttons sleeveless,white apron on her waist withe cream socks & maryjane shoes

Personalty Edit

Funny, Friendly, and cries very easily of something she doesn't approve. she is also understanding and respectful to her friends. She buys and spends her money a lot for the newsiest things. She can't resist anything that is new from shops. She can only become serious when it comes to something she enjoys.

 Norma is overly sensitive at times but generally remain optimistic.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Edit

Norma appears often in the anime. In the anime, Norma some reason is always shows up when Anne is around. She seems to be always late to everything for only about five minutes.

Norma in the anime tries to help people with there fashion. When she sees something she seemly must have it.

In one of the episodes in the anime, Norma adores an actress from the play that was paforming in the town called 'The Bear Pianist'. She enlarges a picture and takes it to get sign by the actor.

OVA Special What's Your Heart Before & After

She'll be play roll as Fairy.

More Info Edit

  • She sits next to one of her best friends in school name Anne.

Foreign Costume Edit

  • Cinderella Maid Costume ( light blue long-sleeved collared,blue ribbon and black ballet flats.)

Gallery Edit

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